Friday, February 4, 2011

Makeup for your Alter Ego

Are you ready the weekend?
Spoil your alter ego and try Illamasqua (pronounced Ill-mas-ka) makeup - a line for the bolder person hiding inside all of us.

This week I'll share with your 3 of my favorite items from their collection that I always carry in my kit - just in case I have a brave celebrity client wanting to experiment.

1. 4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette : Highly pigmented and one of my all-time favorite eye shadow palette! Give yourself the power to shine with these incredible metallic cream shades and let the inner diva come out!

2. False Eye Lashes : Be comfortable with showing a different side and try these handmade lashes created for those brave enough to show their after-dark drama side. I stock up on these lashes when I can because you never know someone will call with a specific request for a different look or simply request for a more dramatic look on set or on the red carpet. Try them over the weekend and get back to me with the number of compliments you get!

3. Lipstick : A color-intense lipstick that has a highly pigmented formula providing you with a flawless finish. My top celebrity clients have asked me to send them samples because they love that their lips look perfect all night long.

Live a colorful life and be adventurous! Visit your local Sephora immediately and let your alter ego know its all going to be good this weekend!


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