Friday, May 20, 2011

Get The Look: Solange at The DKMS Event

One of my favorite red carpet makeup looks right now is the Soft Seventies Solange Knowles sported while attending the DKMS event in New York. Check out the recommendations below and let your inner 70's glamour come out and play!


GDL MakeUp Artisans said...

Hi, question is Cover Fx a yellow based foundation? -Cris

Jen S. said...

What a great blog! I don't wear tons of make up but there are some great helpful hints here.


Jackie Gomez said...

Thank you im glad my blog is helpful xoxo :)

Jackie Gomez said...

Hi! GDL MakeUp Artisans Yes cover FX has a yellow base in there foundations they are really good! one of my favorite please try the primer as well it feels amazing and makes the skin look flawless. ;) xoxo

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