Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby News

47 days ago my husband and I welcomed our son Mason Anthony to this beautiful world. We couldn't be any happier to have him with us as he brought enormous joy to both of our families. Mason is spoiled with lots of love on a daily basis and he means the world to my husband and I.

Besides sharing the news about Mason I wanted to put together a quick update with some must-have products for your baby's skin that I lately discovered all while starting my journey as a new mom. 
Taking care of a baby' skin from head to toe while preventing cradle cap can be frustrating as there are so many products out there promising to take care of their dry scalp/skin, but two in particular have worked wonders and I wanted to share them with you today:

Besides this shampoo smelling amazing, it is safe and easy to use with a foam texture that won't sting or run into your baby's eyes. I love that it prevents skin from drying and helps remove/limit cradle cap development.  
Essentially the perfect gift for new moms and their baby!

I love using this oil on my son and applying it to his scalp right after his bath. Massage or brush your baby's head with this oil as it gently cares and protects their delicate skin. The oil helps maintain moisture and is ideal for a calm smoothing baby massage.  My whole family loves the smell so make sure to try it and spoil your little one with lots of love too!

Hope these tips help moms (new, expecting and everyone in between)!

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