Sunday, July 18, 2010

We are always told never to ask a woman her age. But if you ask any of my 40 years and older clients and friends their age, they will proudly tell you their real number! The secret is in two must have products that keep one looking and feeling absolutely amazing. The first is the Pur Minerals Mineral Line Control. This simple-to-use pen is filled with many age-combating vitamins and minerals. So kiss those deep lines and wrinkles goodbye because in a matter of an instant your skin will appear youthful and feel incredibly smooth and rejuvenated. I usually apply the Mineral Line Control under makeup to areas like crows feet, between the brows, forehead, around the mouth and the neck. In addition, I highly recommend using this pen after cleansing and then following the application with Pur Minerals Be Firm - a powerful skin firming serum. Together with Mineral Line Control pen, these two products fully nourish your skin leaving it healthy looking and full of youthful radiance. So use them every day and keep those wrinkles away!

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