Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hey all! Happy Labor Day! What can I say, a lot of very exciting things have happened to me in the past week. For one, I got married!! The wedding was everything I've hoped it would be and more - a truly remarkable night that I will never forget. Inspired by my special day, I am currently working on a new piece that will talk about my personal makeup secrets and tips for all those soon to be brides. So make sure to check it out next Monday. But for now, I want to share with you two of my recent projects that I have been so excited about.

1) The first is my collaboration with the very talented team from Coco and Creme. I worked with them on the "Get the Look" article that talks about how to achieve Solange's fun look that she sported on the The Jimmy Fallon Show.

2. The second is my collaboration with Latina Magazine. Make sure to check out my expert advice on how to transform your day look into night on page 60 of this month's issue.

That's all for now, but get excited for next week!

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